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EN Mac 7.1 beta 1 problems with hyperlinks in bullet lists

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With the latest beta - 7.1 Beta 1 (456349) - I'm finding that when I have a bullet or number list and I paste a URL into the list, the text or line following the URL gets the same formatting as the URL (blue + underline). The hyperlink itself is not "leaking" to the next bullet - just the formatting.

I've pasted an image showing what happens - I typed that out in-line as a testcase. For the hyperlinks, I'm just pasting in "http://www.google.com" directly - it's just a plan string from my clipboard.

Can this get fixed please? It's really annoying. =)


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I came here to report this exact problem and found your post.

This problem is really annoying! I've wasted a TON of time reformatting stuff in bulleted lists.

The most popular word processor (hint: macrohard) treats hyperlinks as separate entities from normal formatted text; the blue color & underline are not done through changing the formatting. Evernote would do well to implement something similar.

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