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v7.0.0: Notebook select list unusable without auto-complete

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Version 7.0.0 no longer allows the user to click on the Notebook select list, start typing the name of a notebook, and autocomplete / filter matching notebook names. As a user with many notebooks, it now takes me five seconds longer to clip a note because I am forced to scroll through a list of notebooks. This is terrible.

How do I file an issue / feature request to re-enable the ability to type and filter the selected notebook when clipping a note?


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Together with all the other broken things in Android, Windows and Web apps I see this as just another retrograde step introduced by Evernote. I now have to scroll down all my notebooks to find the one I want to clip to, no autocomplete and no keyboard shortcut. Added to that I notice that the notebook list is not even in alphabetical order. 

Will someone from Evernote reply to this and explain why? I won't hold my breath.

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Another  user who finds this as a major downgrade. Also, I use the comments field to make notes about a note, and it apparently has been removed from the web clipper as well. Can we at least get an option to return to the previous (better) behavior?

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This breaks web clipper COMPLETELY for me, due to the following reasons (re-iterating here for clarity, I'm absolutely positive that the posters above are well aware of these):

1. No more autocomplete function.  WHY??? This makes no sense.  I have thousands of notes and dozens of Notebooks, and you feel that the ideal user experience is to painfully scroll through them and select the one I want?  

2. Fixed width selection window, combined with #1, means that I can only read the first third of a notebook title, and in my organizational scheme, many of them all appear to have the exact same title."  This

3. Removed remarks / comments?? Once you incorporate a feature (in a productivity app, no less), you should really, really have a good reason for removing it. This makes absolutely no sense.

I can't even fathom the level of sheer idiocy that drove Evernote's collective puddle of brain goo to decide that these were both features that needed to be removed; please revert these changes and work on fixing other parts of this application. I am seriously reconsidering whether the move to OneNote would be a better choice right now, especially if this isn't changed VERY soon.



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