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Bulk Save Outlook emails to EN

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Using Evernote for email management is great (The Secret Weapon)  BUT on a Mac it sucks!!!   I can't get my emails into Evernote.  The EN Plugin for Mac 2016 Outlook only saves 1 email at a time.  Even though I multi-select, only the first saves.  I opened a ticket and found out that on a Mac that is true but not true on windows.  I was advised to setup a forward rule.  My corporation does not allow automatic forwarding and has it turned off on the exchange server.  I could setup a client-side rule, but that would mean I am willingly violating policy - NOPE!  Does anyone else have a suggestion?  I get over 100 a day and saving individually is not an option (plus the clicks and syncing for each step is very time-consuming).   I just purchased premium, if I don't find a solution, I will go back to free.

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I wrote a script on my Mac (Applescript) to transfer emails to Evernote.


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