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Copy severel pages with web clipper.

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Hi there,

I'am filling out a document, for several questions.

I logg inn then filling out answers on the pages. No I'am finished and want to put inn Evernote. The webpage cannot be saved.

I have tried to use Evernote Clipper to take an picture of it. Any ideas how i can clip it out when it contains several pages, with the text I have filled in?


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Hi.  There are several ways to try to get a copy of the page,  but some of them may not work depending on how the form has been set up online.  The simplest way would be to print the page to PDF if your system has that option.  If not,  various screen grab applications are available as browser extensions - check your browser app store for options.  Some add-ins can only copy the part of the page you can see on screen,  others can copy the whole page.  I use Firefox's built-in screenshot feature,  and also Nimbus Capture in case that fails.  In all cases you may have to copy a page at a time of several pages if this is a long document.  Copy to PDF or JPG files,  and attach each file to a separate note.  When you have all the pages copied,  you can merge the note to get them all into one document.  If they're PDF files,  use something like Xodo to merge or edit the content.

Beware you'll need to copy one page before going on to the next if the website doesn't allow you to go 'back' once you complete the whole form.


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Yeah, it is a PITA when a website won't allow clipping of anything that has been entered for answers.  I use the screen capture within EN, not the EN clipper, to save the responses for posterity.  (Screenshot with Clipper works pretty much the same, I'm just used to my capture hotkey.)  That way a note is created right away.  I'll then merge the notes when done.  FWIW.

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