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Office Integration&Notes annotation




maybe this is redundant but I really feel that Evernote needs these features otherwise, after 5 years, I'll really start to look for an alternative (and probably many others with me). I don't say this as a threat but just to underline that competition is a step head. I really don't want to leave Evernote but Pros are diminishing so I'm beginning to feel that I need to overcome my laziness and find an alternative.

Evernote is my "moleskine" and I record and store all my meetings, presentations and documents. I usually do it with an iPad Pro (keyboard or pencil) and sometimes with a macbook.

The features that I would like to have are:

  • ppt annotation - it's a bit unfriendly to convert all files to pdf just because Evernote does not support them
  • Notes annotation - it's really frustrating to be able to annotate files only. OneNote has this capability and in works really well. I would really like to use Evernote like a piece of paper without restrictions.
  • Nice-to-have: Outlook calendar integration - in my meeting minutes I also record attendees. Would be good to import them when I want to fill this automatically

I've also other requests but these (especially the first two) are the minimum requirement to continue to use Evernote in the future.

Thank you!



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Just my two cents :-)

.ppt annotation: I do this in PowerPoint, since it has a good Apple Pencil Support - problem: you've to send the .ppt to PowerPoint App and vice-versa, not so much fun

Notes (like OneNote): I know this OneNote feature very well, but after a few weeks of using it I've stopped using it :-) because your handwriting is not aligned with/fixed to the background paper/text. That means, as soon as you insert new content above of your handwritten notes, the content is moving down and your handwriting remains on a fixed position, not so much fun. I much prefer the line-based approach of Evernote. But: I really miss better PDF annotation in Evernote, a different story.

Calender Integration: good point, in earlier versions of Evernote it tooks the appointment title as default note name, nice - but that feature is gone. I take a screenshot of my calendar, trim the image (new in iOS 11) and then insert it in Evernote - better than nothing :-) a different approach could be to email forward the appointment to your Evernote Email-Import-Address and add your meeting minutes there.

I didn't find a better solution than Evernote - it has issues, sure - but others too! :-)

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Evernote is a generic filing cabinet.  You can attach files of any format to a note, including powerpoint and outlook calendar.
This does not mean Evernote has the ability to process these files.
You will a much better set of features if you open these files in their native application.

Evernote includes an editor that has basic features, including as you noted, pdf annotation.

The notes format (enml/html) does not support annotation; you will have to convert it to a different format.

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So, let me be more straight forward:

  • Evernote has a price comparable to Microsoft suite but give you less
  • When I use Evernote on an iPad Pro it's hard to have a good workflow, if it's not possible/convenient have feature in the app so it needs better integration with other apps
  • Apple Pencil is not integrated today, just pdf annotation cannot be considered an integration


Don't get me wrong, I like Evernote otherwise I was not wasting my time writing here.

I just feel that it has become expensive and the app today doesn't justify the price.

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