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Add a numeric FIELD to each note



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On 3/19/2018 at 1:41 PM, mfnotas@gmail.com said:

add a numeric field to each note.

Just one field?  

I added my vote.  I'd like the addition of custom fields to the note.5ab021ecb2cdd_ScreenShot2018-03-19at13_46_11.png.b3e038d6ef73e01bbe35ea51ca56df7f.png

My work around: In the example of a scanned receipt, I add the amount in the title; delimited by $

>>And query with sum of those notes.

Very limited options in Evernote/Windows.  
Maybe list view with the new field as a column and a sum at the bottom.

On my Mac, I can script a query to parse and sum the numbers
I export the data to a spreadsheet and work with the numbers.


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