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How to import Google Tasks to Evernote?

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I'm currently evaluating task & note apps and evernote really looks quite advanced and suitable for me need.

However, I didn't find a way to import my existing tasks from google tasks. The article in the evernote help https://help.evernote.com/hc/de/articles/208314308 seems to be outdated as it talks about a "Tools> Import folder" menu, any the evernote desktop version I just installed has no "tools" menu at all.

It has a File > Import, but this only allows to import Evernote Exports and OneNote but not even CSV or XML or whatever.

Is there any way?

Google Tasks does export a JSON, which I could somehow convert to csv or s.th. else I believe ...

I really would be surprised if a n advanced tools did not offer a way to make it easy for new user to switch from a different product ...

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Evernote is a generic filing cabinet, and can store files of any format.  You could store your JSON or csv file.

I suspect you wish to create separate notes in Evernote to match each Google task.
Are there other export formats; html will work on my Mac

We just completed a discussion on using a Mac to import from a .csv file  


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