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Lisette Wilson


Either the ability to filter the notes in the Pinned Notes Edit view, or the ability to Pin a Note while the note is open. When you have a lot of notes, it's hard to locate those you want to pin.

Also, nice to be able to unpin a note by right clicking on it or in the note view.

I collaborate with another business also using Evernote Business, and it would be lovely to share a space with them. They can see the notebooks, but have to create their own space, so my pinning a note doesn't pin it for them.

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Hyperlink to spaces? If it's possible, I haven't figured out how to do it, but would love to be able to include a hyperlink to team members in emails, etc. - we're using spaces for a variety of different things, and it would be great to take them directly to the space I'm referencing.

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