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Add dock function like OneNote

Ian W.


In OneNote, when you press Ctrl+Alt+D, the note will dock to the right of the screen and stays on top, which is very convenient for watching something and taking notes at the sametime.

Please add this feature in the future.


2018-03-16 01_52_34-Clipboard.png

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Sort of... but the docked view stays "docked" to the side of the screen and the remaining space is available to any program you open.  So even when you switch to another program or try to maximize the window, OneNote is still visible (maximize now will only fill the remaining space).

If you just use Windows 10's split screen approach or manually size windows, when you open another program (as part of your research) or maximize it, it will cover up your Evernote note, so then you have to go through the resizing procedure again (and each time you open another window/program as part of your research). 

So the "docked view" of OneNote is a bit more robust and less fiddling with window sizes for research sessions if you are switching between multiple applications while taking a note.  

I definitely would like this feature [although one that is more multi-desktop friendly, because OneNote's implementation affects all desktops, shrinking all their maximum window sizes]

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I have over every note taking app out there in search of something that suites me. For me, Evernote is great. However, I cannot ignore how easy it is to use OneNote. The winner for me is the docking function. It makes it really easy when I am doing my research, and opening up various resources, such as web-pages, videos and PDF's. I know it is such a 'first-world problem' of having to resize windows, but one cannot ignore how much it improves the users experience to have this little function. So, please, Evernote (if you are listening), please add this little feature. 

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Is this like adjusting the window sizes and locations? I mean, it looks like it splits the screen and places the OneNote to the right side of the window. If that is the case, you can achieve  this result with some manual input by snapping the Evernote note window to the right side of the screen and then adjusting the size to be smaller. 

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