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(Archived) Qipit White on iPhone 4 and Evernote Problem?

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I was checking out Trunk in the latest version of Evernote and spotted an iPhone app from Qipit called White. It'll clean up a snapshot of a whiteboard and export it in a variety of manners. The email JPG or PDF options work well.

One option is to send the image to your Evernote account. However, when I try it, White abruptly quits. It does the same for posting to Twitter and simply hangs unresponsive when posting to Facebook.

The real problem is that, when I try to contact Qipit, they seem to be gone. Emails bounce, phones don't answer... So, I was wondering if anyone else has had any sort of success with this program or if anyone else has been able to contact the folks at Qipit?

It seems a shame that Evernote introduces a nice feature like Trunk and partners with someone like Qipit. That seems like an endorsement that would cause you to have a little trust in the vendor, but I guess that's not the case with Qipit.

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