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(Archived) selectively sync notebooks on different devices? Alternativ?

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So if you have personal notebooks and business notebooks, both of which you want in the cloud to access on multiple devices (traveling in a cafe, on a phone, on a travel laptop, etc.) but you do not want personal notebooks on your work computer, how could you go about that?

It would be nice to selectively select which notebooks get synced to a device. That way, I could have device 1 sync notebooks A, B, and C but device 2 only sync notebooks A and B, while device 3 syncs notebooks B and C.

Any way to do this now? Planned support?

I know Evernote is billing version 3 as your electronic brain, but in reality you have multiple segments of your brain or multiple brains that may need to be separate from certain locations. Same applies to the tags (tags should be either global or notebook specific, imo).

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