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Links in notes open a blank Chrome window

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Hi everyone,

When I click a hyperlink in a note in Evernote, it opens up a new Chrome browser window to my homepage (Google) and not to the link I've just clicked in my note.

Any idea how to resolve this? It started happening a month or so ago, and I thought it was a bug that would get resolved in subsequent updates but it hasn't corrected itself. I don't believe I made any changes to my settings or Evernote itself. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated :)

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There are many more issues while using the Chrome browser. One of the general issues is the error of Err Spdy Protocol. It appears when you are trying to open a new webpage. Last day when I was using the chrome this error appears again and again. To solve this visit Fix Err Spdy Protocol Error for the help. I follow all the steps mentioned and now there is no such issue on my system.

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