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Request for McDonalds App integration (and a Base Model Program)

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HEY - brilliant idea before EN goes bankrupt...   Offer (at NO DISCOUNT) the option for those of us with tens of thousands of notes, the ability to use your software - with tags, notebooks, and search - THAT'S IT...  Strip it of all the BS - and, I don't know, put two engineers and 3 more people on it for support - then at least you will have something reliable...

You are more than welcome to add coffee maker (control) integration and chat - you know - a product that EVERY platform in the world has - and NO ONE USES...  

You should think about integrating the McDonalds app - that way the hundred million users can order a Big Mac from their PC - or phone - or tablet...  WAIT - there is an app that does that MUCH BETTER - so why would a company whose CORE-COMPETENCY is organization get mixed up in such a debacle -WHO KNOWS...

I'd love to turn my Mac on - go to evernote and search for something with out it syncing, then stall, then syncing some more, then glitching and freezing, then (finally) NOT displaying relevant search results...  YEAH, (later part) - I GET THAT EVERY DAY...  Support suggests I should reload it.  Done that twice (with 50gb - its great fun)...  Thank god my CHAT works - otherwise I'd be able to do something effective with my data - but instead I just need to troll around looking for a lonely friend who - too - can't do anything because the core competency of the software was overlooked in release 5...

So - strip it down to the basics - HELL - I'd even pay MORE for it.  I've paid you for over 10 years - and this product - MAC / IOS - you know the product you started with - functions like dog *****... (starred out for the wood staring with P, with a double "O" in the middle, and another P at the end - probably spent hours of engineering time to star out a word most 3 year olds use - GREAT ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES...

THANK GOD EN went out and got an MBA CEO - who has HUGE ideas...  Now that you are wasting your efforts on BS - its only a matter of time until Google or Apple mirror your product - and then I'll be able to congratulate you on being a driver of the market (wait - that already happened, so what are you know?)...

I hear EV 9.0.01 will be excellent...



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22 minutes ago, brettmansdorf said:

the core competency of the software was overlooked

A very rambling and confusing post, but the essence is you want Evernote to focus on the core competency.

This works for me, although the majority of posts in these forums insist Evernote must add additional features.

You also mentioned problems with text search. I also find this hit and miss, even when the indexing is working.  intitle: searches are more focused

For the most accurate note retrieval, I rely on the Tag feature.  By selecting the proper tags, I see an accurate filtered list of my notes

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