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Ctrl+Backspace not working

Guest Velazquez


Guest Velazquez

Hello all,
   I am writing to you because I am an avid user of Ctrl+Backspace when I write something wrong and I need to correct.
The normal behavior of that shortcut is to delete the entire word so then I can write it again and it is quicker than deleting letter by letter, nevertheless, it seems to not be working on Evernote.

In reality, I am not a frequent user of this App, but I think I need to report it (not sure if here is the correct place).

Please, let me know your comments.



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What platform are you using the app on? Is it Windows?

I just tried it on the Windows app V6.7 and it worked, deleted the entire word. Not sure whether the latest updates has taken this away. So check your version as well.

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