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Annotate PDF Not Working in EN Windows Client

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Hi All - 

I am having major problems annotating PDFs - can someone help?

This started today (first time I've tried to annotate a PDF in about a week) - I right-click and choose "annotate this PDF" and it just keeps "thinking" (circular icon keeps spinning). I kept cancelling and trying again, restarting, updated the software, trying on another computer...then I finally let it keep spinning while I walked away for a while. I came back to see this error, attached.

I re-downloaded the PDF from the webs source and re-saved into another note and it still didn't work. I finally clicked "Annotate a copy of this note" and I WAS able to annotate the note and save...however, when I went back to open the annotation window, I got the same error again.

I tried other notes in my notebook - some work and some don't. I can't find a discernible pattern. What could this be?

I'm using Windows 10, just updated to the latest EN Windows client.

By the way, as a side note I really dislike the new PDF viewing interface that rolled out a month or so ago. It's a terrible viewing and usage experience. Navigating in the note and getting to the correct spot in the PDF is like trying to get around in a minefield. Extremely frustrating. 

Anyway, can anyone help me trouble-shoot this annotation issue? Thank you!!



EN Annotate Error.png

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I'm having the exact same issue, no fixes as of yet. Can anyone help? For now I'm going to use Acrobat Reader.

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I am also having same issues, I also purchased premium majorly for annotation ,but disappointed to see it not working properly , Hope they fix it soon 

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Hey guys , I just  uninstalled my latest version of evernote and installed Evernote , It is working fine with annotation , but it may have other issues as it is an older version. U can download it from this link https://filehippo.com/download_evernote/78151/ . Hope it helped you :)

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