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(Archived) Locations as a preference items



I love having my notes geo-coded when using my iphone. But I would love to also have that ability at my work computer (desktop imac).

Sure I can click the location button and enter a manual lat-long coord, but i would be so much nicer if I could store that information in the application preferences. Then just say, yes I'm at the office use that location.

just a thought.



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What I have done is create several saved searches for frequently searched items such as: Things, Places, People, Time, Search Grammar, Shortcut Keystrokes.

In the Note for Places are latitude and longitude for - my home, other relatives, employers, former employers, etc.

But due to the tedious process of entering the lat/lon info in Evernote, I estimate that less than 3% of my notes are geo-tagged.

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Have you checked into the "author" field? I have one login name on big dog computer & another user name on old dog computer. I know some of my notes have the login from big dog & some have the login from old dog. And many notes have a blank author field. (shrug) I don't care about "author" so I've not played with this & usually hide it from the display.

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Author isn't a Windows only thing, we got it here in Mac too.

The geotagging notes issue has been mentioned dozens of times on these forums. I want it too.

Perhaps they'll soon integrate it with Google Maps to make geotagging easier.

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We definitely plan to make geotagging from Mac and Windows easier in the future now that both of those operating systems have some rudimentary support to determine the location (most of the time).

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