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Nothing being displayed in the desktop App in the right window

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This issue happens on my laptop but not my desktop, both have windows 10 installed. 


I've included one example here where I used the snipping tool to save my screen .  I can see the thumbnail but on the main window, there is nothing but a blank, black screen.  

This is happening on every single one of my notes when I use the desktop application.  

I can see it fine when though when I view my evernote by logging onto www.evernote.com so it seems to be just the desktop application that is causing this issue


Anyone else have this issue and a way to solve it?


Thanks in advance




evernote issue.JPG

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Hi.  If you have problems with Evernote Desktop,  the first two fixes are always

  1. Switch it all off,  and then back on again;  and
  2. Uninstall and reinstall Evernote (This shouldn't affect your existing notes,  but it's an idea to backup your database first*)

If you're still having issues after that,  check that you have the latest version of the app installed,  and check the release notes page for other users with issues,

* and keep on backing things up regularly!

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