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Notifications for Edits and Changes to Shared Notebooks

Courtney M.


I love to share notebooks, but without a notification that the shared notebook has been updated (either by a new note created in the notebook OR an edit to an existing note), the shared notebooks lose a significant amount of their usefulness and utility.  I've seen this suggestion posted a couple of times in this forum, and I hope that maybe this post will gain some traction unlike the others.  I've seen at least one suggestion for a 3rd party workaround, but this really should be a native feature of the software, especially for paid users such as myself.

Strangely, one of the features that I like about Evernote is how streamlined it is, and the lack of superfluous notifications like many apps bombard you with.  However, in this one instance, notifications would be very welcome!  If my teammate makes an edit to a notebook, a popup in Windows or my phone would let me know to review their edits.  I was an early adopter of Evernote, and this is really my biggest complaint about the software.  Please correct this glaring omission!  Thanks!

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It would be useful to be notified when a note in a shared notebook is edited, or if someone you've shared with added a note to or removed a note from a shared notebook.

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