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I'd recommend exporting as html then, and then zipping (compressing) the folder and attaching it to the email. That way they can view them in any browser without an Evernote account. Edit: CalS's solution below is way easier.

If they have an Evernote account, you could share the notebook with them, or send them the .enex export that they can load into theirs.

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13 minutes ago, bobzani said:

I need to send a copy of a group of receipts to a friend.

You could highlight all the notes and print to PDF and send the PDF.  Play with the print settings to be sure it is what you want.

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1 hour ago, bobzani said:

Is it possible to email an entire notebook with 8-10 notes in it, all at once?

You could merge all of the notes and send that.
Then if you wanted the 10 notes back, just delete the merged note and restore the 10 deleted notes from your trash.

That is the only way I am aware of that they get everything as it is in the notes, including attachments. If no attachments, then the print-to-pdf is good too unless you want them to be able to easily edit it on their side. (not collaborate, just them having text they can copy and paste from for their own purposes.)

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