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Search Only Displaying a Few Results

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When I search in the Mac app for terms, only a dozen or so results appear. However, when I search in the online version of Evernote for the same terms, I get hundreds of responses.

How can I make sure my Mac Evernote displays all the results? (It is fully synced already, or so I believe...)

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2 minutes ago, kdonovan11 said:

I did the Full Text Search Index but still only have 56 results...

Can you post a screenshot of your search, along with a note that is being missed.

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18 minutes ago, kdonovan11 said:

Here you go. App and online versions.

Looks straightforward so far

Can you show a note that's being missed in the app search.  One approach is to add a temporary tag to the 91 found notes

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6 minutes ago, kdonovan11 said:

Are you suggesting you'd like to see an examine from those 205 missing results? Or something else?

I'm suggesting it might help in troubleshooting if we can see a single screenshot of a  note that failed the search

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