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When I expand a nested tag, it auto-closes BY ITSELF!!!!

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When trying to get to a nested tag, eventually it will close all/most open tags. Thus I cannot use this product on a Mac effectively. I restarted and updated the OS. Is this a known bug?

I have version 7.0.2 and macOS 10.13.3 using MacBook Pro Mid 2014.

Cheers for any help.

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1 hour ago, aashish108 said:

When trying to get to a nested tag, eventually it will close all/most open tags.

I'm not able to replicate your issue.
Can you provide more detail; perhaps screenshots.
Also where were you experiencing the issue; sidebar, tag page, ...

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Its in the sidebar. I have attached 2 screenshots. evernote-1 is the initial structure and I proceed to open the tag Adobe Actionscript. The result is evernote-2 screenshot where the tag tree for Programming is closed.

It happens when either all notes or a specific notebook is selected. Not sure what else to say.





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This happens to me frequently as well. I can add a little more context. I will expand 2-3 levels of tags to recall the name of a tag. I will then tag the current note with the same tag. At that very moment it closes all my tags. This was happening about 4 updates ago. A release fixed it. Then with the latest updated, it started happening again. 

**UPDATE** Here is a video of what is happening.

Nested tags in iOS please!!!

Evernote Glitch.mp4

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Added a video.
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