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Odd issue happening here.  Evernote crashes, not on opening or while I'm using it, but when I shut it down.  It crashes EVERY time.  Also, I've written an Applescript to resize my window and that causes it to crash as well.  Any ideas?  I've tried deleting the pref file.  Then the pref file and the helper pref.  Then I've uninstalled EVERYTHING, reinstalled a fresh copy (I use the version from the website, not the apple store) re-downloaded all my files...  and it crashed when I shut down.  I'm out of ideas.  Please advise.

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Was about to contact help and saw this thread. Same problem here. I tend to close it on the Mac when I'm leaving for the day and will be opening it on my iPhone due to past sync issues and as of this latest update, it crashes EVERY time I close it and wants to send another report when it re-opens. Running latest version of High Sierra on a 2015 MBP.

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