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(Archived) Sync failing after morning update to (27061)

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Posting here not to complain but because I know it's in beta and feedback helps.

Logged on this morning and got the prompt to update to a new version. Ever since the update, syncing fails and results in this error (taken from the sync log):

SyncException: Error: Can't create new note, error: ITEM_DATA_CHANGED

Each sync appears to be dumping into a "conflicting changes" notebook. I tried deleting items from that notebook and resyncing, but the same thing happens every time.

This error has brought everything to a standstill for the moment. Any suggestions?

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Just a follow-up:

Still no idea how things went off the rails, but I think I fixed everything by deleting the local database (in My Documents folder) and then letting the client resync with the Evernote servers. Seems to be working so far.

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I also had this problem today using build I synched from work and everything seemed fine but when I tried to resynch at home it got stuck on one note and downloaded it 42 times into a conflicting changes notebook until I quit. I deleted my database file from my documents and it fixed it as well.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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