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Pinned Notes in Spaces

Josh the Cat


I like the "Pinned Notes" window in Evernote Business (Mac).  I had a few problems in my first test of the feature (Initially, no "Done" button).  

I would like one other feature.  It would be nice to re-arrange the order of the pinned notes in the window by drop and drag.  Also, I organized my notebooks with a "Table of Contents" note that has a blank date reminder.  This forces the note to the top of the reminder list.  Clumsy perhaps, but this feature disappears from the notebook when viewed in Spaces.  I'm currently pinning these "Table of Contents" notes in the "Pinned Notes" window.


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Im still waiting for IOS to be updated for business users to add and remove pins on spaces. Huge overbite not to include this on IOS. Extremely frustrating to run to a web browser to do this instead of the app. 

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