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Very confused by different types of Evernote offered



I use Evernote on an Android phone and a Windows 8.1 laptop. Primarily it's on my phone. When I do use it on my laptop, I am always frustrated because I try to use my expensive touch screen and it doesn't work. Today I decided to take some time to find out how to somehow enable touch. That's what opened up a whole can of worms. I see that there used to be an Evernote Touch but it was discontinued. I see that there is an Evernote app in the windows store now and the desktop version has been discontinued. Wait, I HAVE the desktop version and I just downloaded an update today. I am so confused. Please tell me that Evernote is sophisticated enough to be able to use it with a touchscreen on my laptop.



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As I understand it Evernote Windows Desktop is the only game in town.  The touch-screen capabilities are limited.  I don't use that UI,  so best wait for more comment from someone here who does...

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On 3/2/2018 at 3:02 PM, Kimber said:

I see that there used to be an Evernote Touch but it was discontinued.

You are correct, there used to be an Evernote Touch app you could download and that was different than the Windows Desktop Version. I had two Evernote apps on my PC years ago (I think it came out around 2013 time period, not sure). 

That one was  a different UI and was focused on the touch screen so the icons, notebooks, notes were all different looking in the app.

However, now there is only the desktop app. Not sure if it is discontinued in the Windows Store but you can download it from Evernote website directly.

When you run the desktop app on a touchscreen laptop, your finger is basically a mouse pointer so it really does not bring much value. The only thing I was able to do was the scroll down and up on the screen with my finger.

I think if you want the touch Evernote experience, your best bet is the tablet versions on a tablet.

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