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Evernote for Thunderbird

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I am an avid Evernote user for years and have used the "Save to Evernote" feature in Outlook at work. The issue is I use Mozilla Thunderbird at home for my email.  Is there a "Save to Evernote" button for Thunderbird like you have for Outlook? 

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I use the add-on that @jefito has linked to, and it works OK. It installs some new options into the right-click menu (Forward to Evernote, Forward to Evernote with Reminder). If you choose Reminder, you can then choose to set a notification date (but not time). You'll need to set the add-on's options, including your mail-to-Evernote address, in the Thunderbird Add-ons Manager. The one thing that can be somewhat inconvenient is that if you want to specify a notebook other than your default notebook, you need to set that option in the Manager every time you change notebooks. For my limited usage, it's been very convenient overall, though. It's certainly worth looking at. BTW, it also includes a forward-to-OneNote feature.

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Mozilla Thunderbird support MBOX, Maildir and EML file format. So, if you somehow export Evernote data in these formats then you can import it into Thunderbird with the help of ImportExportTool add-on.

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