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The little elephant icon on the apple toolbar (NOT EVERNOTE WEB CLIPPED, EVERNOTE QUICK NOTE.)

I used to take a screen shot and the cursor would appear below the image and then I could type; go back to work; take another screen shot and that screen shot would appear below the previous one and I could type below it. now they do it so the screen shots are appearing at the top and you cant write one thing underneath each one. how do I get the images to appear at the bottom again. its pissing me off

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 11.58.38 AM.png

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The same thing is happening to me where the newest screenshots are appearing at the top of the note.  This is driving me nuts too.  The quick note elephant used to do this correctly but during a recent update (december?), it started misbehaving.  please fix this.  I am now using a different program to take screenshots and then put those into Evernote.  

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