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Fingerprint not available at the moment

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I recently upgraded from a Google Pixel to the Samsung Note 8.  On the pixel I had no problem unlocking Evernote with my fingerprint.  On the Note everytime I try I get a message on the lock screen that says "Fingerprint not available at the moment" and I have to type my pin.  

Does anyone else have this issue?  Does anyone know what might be the cause.  

I can unlock my device, Samsung Pay, and "LastPass" with my fingerprint. 

Thanks for the help.


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Same problem for me

Upgrade from Huawei mate 9 (with android N and updated to android O) to Samsung Note 8 (with android N)

Works correctly with the 2 android versions on the first device, and fingerprint unavailable on the second device

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Mine did this right off the bat.  I am going to uninstall and reinstall Evernote and see if it makes any difference, but I doubt it.  Is there anyone out there with a Note8 and using Evernote and thumbprint successfully?

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Going into application rights, and validate all!

Fingerprint works after : apparently something was locked fingerprint...I try after to remove all rights....and the fingerprint continue to work!

Really strange...but works now

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It works fine on Android N (Note 8 T-Mobile US). App version 7.17.1. After setting up the 4 digit code, it gives you the option to use your fingerprint. Need to have the 4 digit code setup as a backup for your fingerprint.

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