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Fingerprint not available at the moment

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I recently upgraded from a Google Pixel to the Samsung Note 8.  On the pixel I had no problem unlocking Evernote with my fingerprint.  On the Note everytime I try I get a message on the lock screen that says "Fingerprint not available at the moment" and I have to type my pin.  

Does anyone else have this issue?  Does anyone know what might be the cause.  

I can unlock my device, Samsung Pay, and "LastPass" with my fingerprint. 

Thanks for the help.


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Same problem for me

Upgrade from Huawei mate 9 (with android N and updated to android O) to Samsung Note 8 (with android N)

Works correctly with the 2 android versions on the first device, and fingerprint unavailable on the second device

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Mine did this right off the bat.  I am going to uninstall and reinstall Evernote and see if it makes any difference, but I doubt it.  Is there anyone out there with a Note8 and using Evernote and thumbprint successfully?

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Going into application rights, and validate all!

Fingerprint works after : apparently something was locked fingerprint...I try after to remove all rights....and the fingerprint continue to work!

Really strange...but works now

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Where do you find "validate all"  I went in and gave permissions to everything and that alone didn't do it.  Can you be any more specific with what you did?

Thank You

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It works fine on Android N (Note 8 T-Mobile US). App version 7.17.1. After setting up the 4 digit code, it gives you the option to use your fingerprint. Need to have the 4 digit code setup as a backup for your fingerprint.

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You are posting in a thread that is very old, predating the current app generation 10 by far.

Every older client than those with a „10“ as main version number is deprecated. It will not be modified, no matter if features or bugs are claimed, and even if it fails, it simply fails, and that’s the end of it all.

Be happy as long as you can still use it - on borrowed time.

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