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Locating Shortcuts in Mac app

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9 minutes ago, Dan Kennedy said:

Shortcuts have stopped working in the last couple of updates to the Evernote Mac app. They work fine on my phone and on the web. What's up?

Shortcuts are working for me.  Is your Activity Log showing an error?

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How about the actual shortcut.  There are three types: Tag, Notebook, Search

Are all three types failing?

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2 minutes ago, Dan Kennedy said:

Only Shortcuts. I literally cannot select it. The others work fine.

Can you post a screenshot5a985e28d31ca_ScreenShot2018-03-01at12_09_54.png.aec6a001af27fa5140b88492fdd73f61.png of your Evernote screen
The screenshot is from my Mac with a collapsed sidebar

It seems your issue is with displaying the shortcut list

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I had / have the same issue as Dan.

Thanks for pointing out that the small triangle (next to Shortcuts) exposes my Shortcuts!!

But the Shortcuts option is not consistent with the other items on the left hand menu - like All Notes, Notebooks, Tags...  If possible can this inconsistency be corrected in a future update?

Each of those items have the option of the dropdown menu with the triangle, or clicking  on the actual word to see all info in the right hand window.  

I am sure there are other Mac users out there who haven't hunted out this post.

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