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(Archived) Hey Evernote, why don't you index EverPaint notes?

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After browsing through the "Trunk" today, I got the EverPaint iPhone app. It's a nice idea with a fatal flaw: when I ink a note in EverPaint and sync it to Evernote, the handwriting is never indexed.

To be clear, the note appears in my account, it is an image containing my hand written text, but that text is not indexed. In my Windows client, there is an icon saying that not all resources in the note have been indexed.

If I e-mail the same image to Evernote or save to my camera roll and sync it using the Evernote app, the handwriting is indexed right away. So there is something that is preventing the same image from being indexed when it is uploaded from EverPaint as opposed to the e-mail service or the Evernote app.

Is this an API issue?

I would really like this app if indexing worked. Without the indexing, the Evernote "integration" is useless since I could just sketch a note in Sketchbook and mail it to Evernote and get better results.

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