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issues with 2fa

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here is a complete email exchange so far wit evernote and still no help... any one know how to fix this?? I emailed them on twitter, facebook and via web support

Hello I just installed evernote on my chromebook and my android device and all works...... but...... I see I am on version 7.17 and I want to set up 2 step authentication and I get a screen that tells me that evernotes 2 step auth only works with the latest version... but I cant seem to update...... can you help??

I followed the steps  verified the email  downloaded authy got the bar code scanned it  and it when all don  and says 2fa not enabled....... once it gives me the back up codes and I print them I cant get out of that screen there is nothing to click on even if I go to 10% fonts..... so I am forced to click on my email address in the right side of of the page..I am trying to set 2fa with my chromebook not my android device as I cant find settings on my android..... please help  can I call you ? this typing is annoying....... I did everything right  got authy installed got the barcodes put the codes in all good unil I get to the back up codes......... please help


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