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Android Note Sync Issue

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Last resort before I switch note apps and kiss my data goodbye is to ask for help here. (Im not premium so evernote doesn't want to know)

About a year ago notes stopped syncing from my android device, windows app and web interface are still fine and sync ok.

Unfortunately I kept making notes with the app for the past year, thinking it would start syncing again at some stage, but no.


Now I have hundreds of notes that are not sync'd in the android app, and no way to get the data out. They all have the Green Up arrow in the top right corner like they want to sync, and just to really put the boot in the app does say last sync was today, if i clikc sync it thinks for a bit, updates the date.time but does not work putting the new notes up, or pulling any notes from the web down.

Steps to resolve this on the forums / official support seem to include wiping my one year worth of data, such as, signing out or re-installing the app.

I would sit there and share/email each note to myself but you cant share a note until it has sync'd.


App version is 7.17 on an HTC one, doesn't seem to be any updates in the play store.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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