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Evernote Clipper Addon in MS Outlook Gone-Disappeared

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I have 4 of my different webmail email accounts (yahoo/gmail/outlook etc) setup on my MS Outlook (2016) desktop client. So rather than login in to all accounts via a webbrowser, they all come in to the one place/one app...great.  From time-to-time I save certain emails over to EN, and to do this I simply use the EN webclipper addon that I added to Outlook a long time ago...however as of today that EN webclipper simply vanished!?

Note:  I didnt do any updates or the overnight

Note:  I'm using Windows Home 64bit OS


Anybody know anything about this, what might have happened and how to fix????


Interestingly, the EN webclipper icon still/ONLY appears on the ribbon when using/accessing/viewing my Outlook email account, one of the 4 mentioned above.  Yet gone when accesing the other email accounts!! weird




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8 hours ago, RavBoy said:

the EN webclipper icon still/ONLY appears on the ribbon when using/accessing/viewing my Outlook email account

I imagine that's because this account is the only one logged into Evernote.  The others aren't registered as users,  therefore aren't authorised to clip stuff to the registered account.  Not sure how you'd get around that - you could forward stuff from other accounts

  1. direct to Evernote - if your version of Outlook has a 'quick steps' feature,  forwarding can be a one-click operations
  2. to your authorised address,  and set up an Outlook rule there that any mail coming from your other addresses should then be forwarded to your Evernote address
  3. to a webmail account (like Gmail) and use IFTTT or some such to automatically forward those items on

AFAIK it's not possible to add your other addresses to Evernote - one email address only per account.

Hmmn.  I also have four email addresses in my Outlook,  but on reflection Clipper is available from them all,  though clipping only to one account...  Wonder if I installed Evernote as available to all users, and not restricted to myself.  Could be a version thing - my Outlook is part of Office 2010.

I'd suggest reporting it to Support  - https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a subscriber,  Twitter https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if not - on the basis that Evernote might be able to confirm the expected behaviour in this situation.

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Cheers Gazumped,

Strangely it was a simple matter of going through some settings/options in Outlook re 'Add-ins' and then re-enabling the EN add-in!  Who knows how it got disabled.

This had the effect of returning the EN clipper icon on to the ribbon.  Interesting my xxx@outlook.com email address then had 2 EN clipper icons on the Ribbon...a nice green coloured one and a greyed-out one.  For some reason the Green colored EN icon is much more user-friendly when using/accessing emails inside the xxx@outlook.com email account compared to the 3 non-outlook webmail accounts

cheers again

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