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SYNCING wheel hypnosis

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I'm so tired of sitting at my desk watching the Evernote sync wheel spin.  I have THREE computers set up now, so I can do other things while waiting.  Since 2010 I have been asking for an audible sound when the sync is done.  Please, this is wasting so much of my time and as an Evernote Certified Consultant I just can not justify billing my clients for this time. I can't afford to do it for free, and Evernote so far has not offered to pay me for my time logged waiting for the sync to happen.  

I work on large numbers of notes, doing group tagging and moving from notebook to notebook, then sharing these notebooks between different EBA's.  I have learned that I MUST sync after tagging BEFORE moving, or the tags don't 'stick'.  Notebook name changes are the same.  Change the name, sync.  Share the notebook.  Sync.  Receive a shared notebook, sync.  Evernote doesn't let me do anything while it's syncing so I have to sit and wait and wait and wait. 

Is anyone else having this problem?  Any time I've brought it up with Evernote Support (miss ya Terry O!) they say they are working on making the sync happen faster. Or in the background. Or anything BUT adding a ding! when the sync is done.  

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Which device/platform?

I'm not seeing sync delays; it mostly happens in the background.  However I'm not making a lot of changes at any given time.

I see a beach-ball delay sometimes on my Mac, but it's not sync related

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Hi.  If you check Evernote's activity in Task Manager,  what is it up to when you see the sync wheel spinning?  Is the activity on CPU?  Disk? or Network?  I suffer from occasional 'timeouts' where the Evernote Window greys out,  which in a way is handy because I know that when the color comes back it's talking to me again.  These fugue moments always seem to be disk activity rather than any network traffic.  I'm also on an i7 with a fast connection.

(There is a fix for the network activity - I'm not on my main laptop at the moment so I'll have to add the link later;  but broadly it's possible to firewall Evernote to prevent syncing - though from your need to sync before tagging that might not be a viable option.)

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3 hours ago, Fabulous Filing Friends said:

Is anyone else having this problem? 

I've seen this when I update a couple hundred notes at a time.  One thing I found that made a difference, though not a huge one.  If you have instant sync enabled, disable it before the mass updates.  Sync seems to work faster then.  I switch back to instant sync after the sync of the mass changes.  FWIW.


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I see it often - far too often. Somehow, Evernote seems to know when you really want to get work done and sends out the

busy cursor to annoy you to the brink of wanting to switch to some other tool. I on Mac and have seen this issue for a long time - 

I keep hoping it will magically get fixed, but not yet. 

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