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26 minutes ago, Joshua222 said:

Can Evernote be setup to sync notes with the server only (no matter which device) so that no files are stored on local computer?

It depends on the platform

IOS/Android: no data copy; option for offline notebooks

Mac: full data copy

Windows: full data copy; option for "demand sync" (only active data)

Web: no data copy

Note: Web platform can be run on a Mac/Win devices


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As @DTLow - I'm on Windows and have tried out the 'on demand sync' option - my 16GB database dropped to a few MB,  which was great.. but there are two drawbacks.

  1. I like to have a local backup copy of my database,  and it's not possible to extract one in this setup,  and
  2. Every note requires a download,  so offline searches or working tends to be impractical.
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Not a Mac user so wait for more reliable advice,  but if you uninstall Evernote it will remove files too.  If you use something like Appcleaner (I'm told) it does a pretty good spring-clean of all things Evernote.

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Just now, Joshua222 said:

How can I remove the all files on macbook?

You can use the app AppCleaner to remove all  Evernote files from your Mac

To  just delete the database folder, use Option Key Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder


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