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What happens when I unshare a notebook?

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Hi everybody,

I'm about to unshare a notebook I used to share with a colleague.

Inside this notebook we both created notes.

I'd like to know:

1. will the notes created by my colleague be still there once I unshare the notebook? in other words: will they become "only mine" once I unshare?

2. will I be able to share again the notebook in the future?

3. is there any other point I should care of before unsharing the notebook in order to not lose data?


Thank you for your replies.

Have a nice day :)


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Hi.  If you shared the notebook from your account with your colleague,  and s/he has been able to create new notes in your account within that notebook,  then they are already your notes - unsharing the notebook will simply mean that s/he can no longer see or edit those notes.  Notebooks are available to share to anyone,  even if they have previously been shared to.

I would suggest that you backup your database regularly whether sharing or not - and when sharing,  if you lose a note because one of your guest users has deleted it,  you have a limited number of options to recover the data.  If you have a backup of that notebook,  you're protected against other people's mistakes (or their good/ bad intentions!).

How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks

How to recover missing notes

How to access and use note history

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Not sure if this is the case, but here's what I'd expect: if everyone is online, then the notes in the other person's local database are removed (if they've made any changes, maybe they get synced to the master copy in the Evernote servers), and that's that.

Other considerations:

* if the other person is offline, then the unshare operation won't take until they go online and sync. In the meantime, they can edit notes in the shared notebook all they like. Again, whether these changes get synced is a question.

* if they've exported notes to HTML or .enex format, then there's nothing you can do about their existence; your note data will be safe, but they'll have copies of the shared information.

* if you go offline and back up your notes to .enex format before you unshare, you should be protected from them making destructive changes once you go back online


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