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I need the control character

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2 thinks i am want in the next Evernote:

First: The "Steuerzeichen" (German) like the "Control Character"

and second:

Export the Evernote Data to Word (Office)... LibreOffice Word etc.


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Not clear about the Steuerzeichen/Control character.  Would that be a special symbol?

You could post a feature request for export options.  My vote is for Apple Pages.  Currently Evernote only offers HTML, in addition to its internal .enex format.  The feature request forum is here https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/

I'm wondering how you see attachments being handled in an exported word document

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4 hours ago, secretnation said:

First: The "Steuerzeichen" (German) like the "Control Character

This is mainly a user-to-user forum here, so we can't speak for Evernote. On which platform are you working? Web, Windows, Mac, Android, etc.? It would also help if you could say some more about how you want to use the control codes. Do you mean that you want to be able to type graphical representations of them in Evernote? That could be done in Windows through the Character Map, to some extent perhaps, although naturally many control codes (such as Bel, CR, LF, Esc) by design are not meant to be represented.

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