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Notes disappear in Chrome when scroll

Guest Seneca

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Hi, I have used Evernote for a number of years and a few months ago I started to periodically experience the following issue.  When I click on a notebook, then scroll down to find a note, the notes disappear as I scroll down and do not reappear when scrolling back up. It looks like they are being deleted as I scroll but if refresh the notes come back.  This seems to be isolated to Chrome and I do not experience this issue in Firefox.  I work in Chrome and would prefer to stay with only one browser.  

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Experiencing this problem now., with "old" web interface. MS Edge seems to work. 

I would also prefer to stay in one browser.

I'm quite worried. The "old" web interface seemed to be the only version on which I could always fall back when confronted with bugs in the Windows version. (There was not a single fully functioning version for the features I use since about 6.5, we're at 6.10 now.)


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I have the same issue. When I scroll down in Evernote web client (old version), titles of notes disappear, and list of my notes is displayed like an empty space. My browser is Chrome v 67.0.3396.87. Firefox works fine.
Similar problem happened before to me and other users. There was a thread on Evernote support forum in February 2018, but I can't find it now, maybe it was deleted? One user posted solution there, it fixed previous issue  — but it doesn't fix the current issue for me:

chrome://flags/ -> Scroll Anchoring -> Disabled

Here is the message I get in the console log. I hope somebody can explain how to fix this

webclient-0.js:11985 [Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking 'mousewheel' event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5745543795965952


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Hello again everyone. It looks like there is still no way to fix the issue?

I'm not sure, if it's okay to start a new forum thread on this issue? Just in hope that someone knows what this 'mousewheel' event console error means and could suggest a way to fix it.

I'm absolutely not comfortable with notes not displaying. I still save notes to Evernote with web clipper, but to view notes I have to open Firefox or another browser every time.

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