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Paste Images from Clipboard into Evernote via Web



Can you create the ability for users to copy and paste images from their clipboard into evernote's website?  There are proven and tested classes using HTML5 and Javascript that will allow you to quickly implement this feature.  Facebook, pinterest, and twitter are also using components to allow users to upload pictures from the clipboard. I'm aware that you have the ability to drag images from the hard drive to the website, but implementing this feature will greatly improve the efficiency of uploading images.

Thank you for your time in advance.

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Can I second this request? I frequently use clipping tools to take some very hard-to-format information as clipboard images, and it would be a HUGE convenience and timesaver for me to be able to simply paste these images from the Windows clipboard into Evernote Web.

As Shoother indicated, this should be a straightforward task (research work and finding examples on how to use proven and tested classes) for your software engineers!

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