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Need to download every PDF which I already uploaded to Evernote

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Hello guys,

I am using Evernote premium and I nearly uploaded 8 gb of pdfs and audio Lactures to Evernote from my laptop. Now I am accessing these notes from iPhone 6s.

But the problem is I have to tap on each and every pdf file to open. And worst part is it takes my mobile’s internal memory. If I want to read a file than it says “Tap to download”. And if I tap on it than it starts downloading. And it consume my internal storage. I want to read pdf online and don’t want to download to my iPhone to save space. I am not using offline features.

Also here is a link of a thread which I read and did accordingly.

Also I synced all my notes from the iPhone (in my view syncing is to tap on each and every note the says “tap to download” and once downloading complete I think it sync to the server. Is it true?).

Then I deleted the app and restart the phone. So as in the thread says (by @gazumped) I got my storage back.

But when I download this app again than it again says “tap to download” for each files. ☹️

I upload pdfs from laptop. Doesn’t it count as a syncing?

please do needful as soon as possible.

thank you

Ps: I downloaded desktop version on win7 laptop and synced all the notebooks. Than I delete the app from mobile and download again but problem still persists. I have to download attachments (PDF files) to read them. And it occupy internal mobile storage.


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When you view a PDF, you are always downloading it. Even in your browser, it is being downloaded into your browser cache.

I am not sure what the criteria is for Evernote when it purges downloaded content like PDFs and images but I know it doesn't keep them forever.

You could see if you can view these in Safari on your phone at the evernote website. You'll still be downloading them, but they will be in your browser cache which Safari keeps fairly small and you can purge it if you want.

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On 2018-02-24 at 11:09 AM, Desai said:

I want to read pdf online

I don't know of any service that provides online viewing.

The file is downloaded to your device and viewed.

You can do online storage, the file download is just temporary.

The app has a delete cache so you can clear out these temporary files.  Usually there's no need, the cache gets reused.

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