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(Archived) Bug: tags assigned to notes do not sync



Hi Evernote, not sure what the protocol for reporting a bug is. I have Evernote installed on my Windows PC, and my Mac. I find that when I remove a tag from a note using my Windows PC client, that "remove tag" event does not sync to my Mac. To reproduce:

On Windows PC

1. Create a new note, title = foo

2. Add tag: @bar

3. Sync

On Mac

1. Sync

On Windows PC

4. Remove tag: @bar

5. Sync

On Mac

2. Sync

3. Notice that note=foo, still has tag @bar

I use Evernote to help me GTD, and am consistently using tags like @WAITING, @SHORTLIST, @AGENDA_BOSS, @AGENDA_WIFE - to manage my day to day tasks. Not having this ability to sync tags, throws everything off on my Mac. Any help is much appreciated!

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