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Evernote 7: Notification when moving files is useless and annoying

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Seems after upgrading to Evernote 7.0, it's now sending me a notification everytime I move a note from one notebook to another.

... I'm not really sure why I would be getting a notification about this, since I'm the one who is moving the file.  On the same computer I'm getting the notification on. 

Are there even other notifications?  I don't see any configuration to select which ones to show - and at this point, unless I see some other value I'm going to just remove Evernote's rights to notify me.  

Would much prefer the option to just turn that notification off or at least have evernote get smarter about when it shows it.

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Not the OP, but I noticed the same thing. It's a waste and is unnecessarily distracting. In fact, the notebook move process now requires another click as well. In general, I've been pretty unhappy with what they've been doing with the notebook move process, as it's really slowed down the past few versions.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.41.59 AM.png

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I can provide a screenshot: 


I agree that this notifications are quite stupid... I guess that they are thought for shared notebooks or something like that but... I don't see the point when you are the one that is moving the note. Usually one isn't that stupid to don't realize that you just moved a note. I guess it's a bug somehow. 

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I see this prompt when I move a note to or from a shared notebook even when both notebooks are shared with the same people and AFICT, there's no way to turn it off. At least, please provide a way to turn it off.

Evernote prompt.png

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On 2018-03-01 at 8:07 PM, tcbhowe said:

Hey sorry I'm kind of new to this comment process. How do we report this to Evernote and get notified when they decide whether to do something about it or not?

These user discussion forums are monitored by Evernote; this discussion serves as a report to Evernote.

Every release has a feedback discussion as per the note linked below

  • It would be more useful to post release issues in the specific feedback discussion
  • You can review the specific discussion to see what got fixed/broken

You can contact Evernote Support directly


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Same — I came here to post about this. It puts me in the situation of disabling Evernote's notifications and not being able to get notifications, or leaving them enabled and having Notification Center cluttered up with Evernote's "note moved" notifications.

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I also find the notifications annoying and intrusive. I can't believe that anyone actually ASKED for this "feature". It has all the earmarks of something some programmer thought was spiffy, which instead slows down and interferes with my workflow multiple times per day.

The notification when moving something into a shared folder is even more obnoxious. I do this several times a day, and i've been doing it for many years. I think i know what i'm doing and i do not need to be told over and over and over again. On the first notification there should be a check box which says "do not notify me again". That's what a well done program would do. I'm a premium user since 2009.

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same here. How is that useful? I know I moved it. Why tell me? The notification doesn't allow you to undo it either (which is still a feature I wouldn't need) so whats the point?? So, now I turned off all notifications for Evernote on my Mac, it means some less functionality (no more reminders via notifications) but I'd rather work around that then have moving notes annoy me all day long.

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