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Restore open Notes on restart



It's extremely inconvenient that whenever I have to close and re-open Evernote (for an update, to reboot, etc) I lose the Notes that I had open... meaning, they used to be open in separate windows but now they're closed and filed away. They should be just as I left them.

As it is, I consider restarting and updating to be destructive operations. It's as if somebody cleared off my desk without asking. After all, I had these Notes open for a reason. I hadn't chosen to close them, I'm just being forced to close Evernote. So they should be there when I open again. This should be, if not the default behaviour, at the very least an option in preferences.

I understand that there is Recent Notes in the sidebar. This isn't the same because 1. There are only five slots, and 2. These aren't the same notes as the ones that you had left open. (I believe these are recently opened, as opposed to recently closed.



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