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Sub-Stacks Inside Of A Stack



I think a glaring absence is the ability to put stacks inside of stacks.  I would to have a "Work" stack that I can then add another stack underneath like "Personnel" with Notebooks inside that stack.  I know you can nest things deeper on tags, but it's not nearly as convenient or efficient.  Some of my notebooks need to be stacked inside of a stack.  

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On 2/22/2018 at 2:48 PM, pjsooner said:

I think a glaring absence is the ability to put stacks inside of stacks.

There is no real stack element.  It only exists as a collection of notebooks.  Think of the physcial representation, a stack of notebooks.  The stack inside of a stack isn't logical

A more popular request is for notebook hierarchy.


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I like Evernote and it feels very comfortable writing notes on it, but there is too much to desire. There is no equations support, no copying text formatting, and this feature of adding substacks/sub-folders whatever you wanna call, has been requested by many people since 2008, and yet no word from them. That is why I decided to move all my note to Joplin that is a free software, and has both equation support (Markdown format) and the ability of adding sub-notebooks.

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1 hour ago, pjsooner said:


Stacks are an option.  I have them. I would like to create a stack inside of a stack.  

You are not the first person to suggest or equivalent feature. I'd suggest heading to the link that DTLow posted, reading it, and adding your vote there, and if you are so inclined, your comments, though the whole thing has been pretty well thrashed out in that topic.

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