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(Archived) Checkbox functionality


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I loaded Evernote on my HTC EVO. ALl notes sync'd properly, however, check box functionality does not seem to work. I see the check boxes and note that the ones I checked on my Windows Evernote installation are indeed checked on the EVO, however, I cannot check or uncheck items on the EVO.

Here's what I'm trying to do...I had created a grocery list on my old windows mobile phone note app. I would list anything I ever bought and had it sorted by store aisle. I would make the rounds in the house, putting a hyphen in front of any item I needed and then just deleted the hyphen when I made the purchase. This allowed me to rapidly create a shopping list without having to re-enter the item name each time I went to the store. I thought the check box feature would be ideal for this but can't seem to get it to work.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer on this feature.

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We don't yet support the ability to change checkboxes on the Android, but this is something we plan to do. (I.e. we have implemented this on the iPhone.)

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Since android is fast outpacing apple on the number of units out there, how are you doing on getting the android app up to par with the iphone app?I would love to be able to actually check a checkbox on a list in my phone which was created in windows descktop evernote.

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I hope it blows those apple fan boys away.

I think it would have to trigger world peace and cure cancer for that to happen ...

(I kid! I kid!)

And only if the world peace had a beautiful UI.

(ditto! diddto!)


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