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idle logout time too short


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i am constantly logged out of the web client within several hours and need to log in several times per day. this is especially annoying if i have 2-factor authentication enabled.

how do i increase the idle time before i am logged out?

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Hi.  There's a tick box in the login screen which gives you a 30-day extension,  but I don't know of any way to extend a time out within one working session.  Is you machine locked or idle during the period you're timed out,  or are you working continuously throughout?  You could consider raising this as a votable feature request to check what support you have from the community?

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Hi, James, and welcome to the forums. I take it that you're using the Web client. Is it the Web beta (i.e., is there a little black button at bottom right that says "Beta")? I use that and I never have to log back in unless days have gone by, or maybe when I reboot the computer.

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