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How to stop sharing a note?

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sharedate:* seems to pick up not just shared notes, but also notes for which you have generated a link.  I checked by right-clicking on one of my 'sharedate:*' search results, choosing the Share option and found that the note was 'Shared with 0 people' and 'Shareable link off' (see attachment).  Presumably if the note was actually shared, these options would be switchable to off.

Having said this, it seems from a search of the forums that is still not possible to use a search syntax to identify notes that have been actually shared rather than simply having a link generated for them.


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This should work, but seems imperfect.  I have used this in the past to correctly identify notes that were shared.  I just tried it again and it located all shared notes but also found another that should not have been in the list.  Shareable link for this note was off, but toggling it on and then off again caused it dropped from the search list.

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