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(Archived) Synchronisation incomplete

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Due to a post here I restructured/deleted some of my Notebooks and added more tags. This was at home. Then in my practice after sync there changed nothing at, i. e. the restructured notebooks didn't appear.

Any logical explanation out there? I thought this is is one of the key selling points .... Fortunately I found out where the evernote database is located. At least I can backup it on my own together with my dailiy backup routines...

Best regards

Andreas Kallmeyer

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This should have worked correctly. What client were you using to make these changes? Windows or Mac? What version of that client?

There may be some clues in: Help > Activity Log...

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OK, so I was right with my assumption.

Your Answers: I use a Windows system - XP at home, Win 7 at work. Version I used at work today and at home I used an older version to synchronize.

The activity log was created new this afternoon.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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