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Evernote for Mac 7.0 (UPDATE: 7.0.3, 7.0.2 & 7.0.1 hotfix)

Jason Creadore


  • Evernote Staff

Update 2:

Thanks for your input on 7.0.2. We have identified the root cause of a crash on exit affecting some High Sierra users. The fix will also be included in the future 7.1.0 Beta 2 release. Thanks! 

7.0.3 Release Notes:

- Comprehensive fix addressing the root cause for a crash on quit affecting some macOS 10.13 users


Thanks for your input on 7.0.1. We have identified a more comprehensive fix for a bug affecting some High Sierra users and are releasing it in 7.0.2, which can be found here. Thanks for the community feedback!


7.0.2 Release Notes:

- a more comprehensive fix for a top crashing issue
- a performance improvement for syncing so Spaces can be shared within one hour of adding a new Evernote Business user to your business



Thank you for your feedback on 7.0. We have iterated and are releasing stability fix for a bug affecting some High Sierra users. The 7.0.1 release can be found here. We are investigating a more comprehensive fix which may result in a subsequent dot release and are looking for community feedback on 7.0.1, particularly from High Sierra users. 7.0.1 Release Notes:

  • Hotfix for crash affecting some macOS 10.13 users


Hello Everyone,

Today, we're announcing the general availability of version 7.0. You can download it here and it'll be available on the Mac App Store shortly. This version brings syncing fixes and a more conservative share count with cross-platform accuracy. 

It also includes more improvements to sharing and organization of teams and businesses. You can learn more about the Evernote Business Public Beta here.


Have a great weekend,

Jason and the rest of the Mac Team 

Full Release Notes 

Evernote for Mac 7.0.0 Release Notes

Improved & Fixed:
• Fixed a syncing issue when renaming a notebook from the space view

• Fixed a sync issue when editing a space

• Made share status more accurate



Edited by Jason Creadore
Issues affecting some users who upgrade to 7.1 beta 1
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On 2018-04-07 at 8:07 AM, danielmann said:

Is there a way for me to go back to previous versions?

Within reason, it's your choice as to the version you install on your Mac.
Each release version discussion starts with a post that includes a link to download the app.  

Its important that the app and associated data files match.  A clean install as per @JMichaelTX is recommended.  I use the app AppCleaner to remove Evernote from my machine.

After reinstalling the app  and logging in, the database will rebuilt from the server.  Warning: The rebuild does not include Local Notebooks or unsync'd notes.

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On 3/12/2018 at 6:44 PM, Jorge Ferreira said:

When Show notes in groups is selected on the view options, notes indeed appear grouped, but the group name is not shown (ie: Dates like March 2018 as the group title).




This is still an issue for me. Running latest versions in two different iMacs.

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On 2018-02-23 at 4:58 PM, stephen_bradley said:

because right now I can't understand why I'm paying more, but getting a product that isn't improving.

On 2018-03-01 at 6:15 PM, stephen_bradley said:

I'm completely aware of the pricing plans, ... I'm paying for software that, as far I can tell from the user end, isn't improving

>>I'm not sure how that figures into my comment

I explained

  • my understanding of why I'm paying
  • and that there is no charge for the software.  There's also no charge for  the updates,
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