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(Archived) Feature Request: Syncing after new notes are created- only

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I am a novice user for Evernote and I would like to request that there be an option for syncing evernote only when a new note is created. It's not quite 'manually', and not quite 'every 5 min'.

Having a timed sync is great but cant I just sync after I make new notes? It just aimlessly keeps on syncing while it is idle. I think this is for collborative user situations but for a single user like me, I would just like to run evernote without any extra background processing (as little as it may be). I think it would be great to have it as an option in the sync menu or perhaps as a default process.

When adding multiple notes at the same time or during an upload, a new note could go into an upload queue or something until it is all finished.

Just a thought.



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The auto sync options (at least on the Windows desktop) are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or once per day. If you don't want to sync manually, certainly one of those should suit you.

I think this is for collborative user situations but for a single user like me,

Not so much for collaboration as it is to "save" your notes, should your computer go down. IMO, it's comparable to auto saving a document.

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Since we don't require a "Save" button when you're creating a note, there isn't really a specific time when a note is completely "done". We locally save the note over and over as you edit it, and then synchronization just sends the note to the service periodically. I'd recommend trying the fastest (most frequent) sync interval in your client, and then maybe use the Sync hotkey when you quit for the day and close up your computer.

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